About Us

The clinic was first opened in June 1993 at Nicholas Well Lane, Blarney Street, Cork by Mr. Kieran Corcoran D.O. who opened this clinic after he received his degree in Osteopathic medicine. The clinic from its beginning has grown into one of the top osteopathic clinics in Munster if not in Ireland (based on patient lists).

Jan 2005 saw the opening of our sister clinic ‘ASHBROOK KI CARE’ at Silversprings Moran Hotel. The clinic is situated at the Source Health & Fitness Centre. The concept of this clinic was to offer patients a combination of experienced practitioners that would enhance the rate of recovery from any muscular skeletal condition and an exercise rehab program that would return the person to full fitness.

 In 2018 we made the exciting move to North Point Business Park, New Mallow Road, where we merged both clinics and our college ICOM together in a purpose built 2,800sq foot unit. We have free parking for patients. We are situated 10 minutes from Cork City centre.

We provide the best in Osteopathic care. We treat babies with colic, sleeping/feeding problems, behaviour difficulties, adults with spinal/peripheral pain or athletes with sports injuries.

The therapies available at our clinics include OSTEOPATHY – CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY  

We have the best quality ultra sound, faradic and infra red machines at both clinics which ensure that patient care is assisted by the best in technology, this ensure rapid improvement and full recovery from injuries presented at the clinic.


This is the patient’s assurance that the osteopath is of the highest standard, is a member of the Osteopathic Council of Ireland and is covered by all major insurance companies.
This ensures the safety of the patient and any person who seeks treatment should make sure that the practitioner has this registration.


Ashbrook @ ICOM has a reputation that precedes itself, but sometimes even we cant help, when this happens (which is rare – 92% success rate)the clinic can refer the patient to the appropriate consultant without a G.P. referral i.e. Neurology, Orthopaedic, Rheumatology.

This is unique and cuts down time and expense for the patient as well as getting a resolution to the problem.

This service is arranged directly from our clinic and all appointments are made directly by our admin. staff, a letter containing all relevant details about treatment received at the clinic and any test results are forwarded to the consultant which helps the formation of the best possible treatment plan for our patients.