Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries and are prevalent in sports which involve fast changes of direction or jumping and landing such as Hurling, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball and Tennis but can also happen during every day activities such as walking.  A sprain is actually an injury to the ligaments of the ankle joint, which are elastic, band-like structures that hold the bones of the ankle joint together and prevent excess turning and twisting of the joint.

Normally, the ligaments can stretch slightly and then retract back to their usual shape and size.  However, a sprain results when the ligaments of the ankle have been stretched beyond their limits. In severe sprains, the ligaments may be partially or completely torn.





Symptoms & Types of Ankle Sprains:

Tissue injury and inflammation occur when an ankle is sprained resulting in swelling, pain and redness and warmth in the surrounding area.  The severity of sprains are classified in 3 different grades – see table below: